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The Jury

An upcoming film by Anthony D. Paul
'Closer Than We've Ever Been' To Losing Chance To Pass Gun Safety Legislation: Guttenberg
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The Jury placed as a semi-finalist screenplay in the 1st annual Tirota/Finishline social impact script competition. 

Join us on the journey to making this film!


The Jury is about 12 individuals who have to decide the fate of a teacher who shot a student accidentally during an actual school shooting.   11 of the jurors vote guilty but there is one hold out.  The one not guilty vote juror, happens to be a teacher.  Conflict arises as the jurors make their case and battle one another for why they feel they are right.  Did the gun go off by accident? Was the teacher correct when she said, due to the smoke in the hallway set off by the killer, she couldn’t see the girl enter the classroom? Was the teacher's eye sight really blurry?


Also, why are we looking for teachers to protect students in the 21st century? This thought provoking film will have people talking way after the end credits.


Written by Anthony D. Paul




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